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Genesis Property Management, LLC

Conveniently Located, Fully Equipped to Meet Your Needs

Genesis Property Management represents a unique entry into the field of full-service property management in the Kansas City area. Specializing in multi-family apartment properties, we are a family-owned, professional firm that is dedicated to ethical service to our tenants. We utilize the most up-to-date management, bookkeeping and scheduling software available in order to make your experience as a tenant in one of our rental units as maintenance-free and pleasant as possible.

Because a majority of the units we lease are family-owned, we have a vested interest in their condition, and we will never defer required maintenance or ignore a necessary repair. Instead, we will schedule the work immediately, both in an effort to keep our renters satisfied and to protect our investment.

Our associated construction company is always available to handle both routine and emergency work, whether it’s during office hours or not. Our commitment to fast response and a high level of service sets us apart from the rest.