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About Us

We Build, We Lease, We Manage, We Satisfy, We Perform

Genesis Property Management is justifiably proud of our achievements during decades of successful building, residential rehabilitation, apartment leasing and property management in the Kansas City area. As a family-owned and operated business, we take our reputation very seriously; we have built that reputation carefully on a foundation of trust and performance. What we promise, we deliver.

We carry those precepts to all aspects of our business, whether we are dealing with subcontractors and suppliers, city officials, tenants or apartment owners. We believe in using technology to our advantage, making record-keeping, scheduling and time management easier for us and offering associated benefits to our clients, in terms of being user-friendly and efficient.

Even though our property management initiative is still a “youngster” on the local scene, we hope to watch it grow and thrive, just as we have witnessed the success of our family’s construction company over the past 45 years.