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Quality Housing and Ethical Service Provide Owner Support

We relate so well to the needs and wants of apartment owners and investors because we are owners and investors ourselves. As a family-owned business, with almost a half century of experience in the construction and property rehabilitation field, we have the requisite experience and knowledge to deal with almost any contingency.

As real estate professionals, we also have and rely on comprehensive knowledge of local market conditions, changing needs and future possibilities. If you own rental properties, won’t you allow us an opportunity to explain our policies and procedures? We have a history of satisfied clients and we work hard, utilizing the most advanced and complete tools available, to retain our competitive edge. We believe that our commitment to tenant support and satisfaction is what reaps benefits and adds dollars to the bottom line for our owners.

Just as we provide documented, complete and accurate accounting information to our tenants, our owner records are also always up-to-date and available for inspection. In addition, we closely monitor owner accounts and seek approvals for repair and maintenance expenditures that seem abnormal. We provide monthly reports to support any expenses and to detail rent payments, and we disburse funds to our owner accounts on a timely basis.

We take care of all the routine business for you, freeing you for other pursuits.